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Blind and Employment

Blind and Employmente

Blind people in our society are a marginal group. As such, their presence in the labor market a small, if not negligible. There are several reasons for this: the old way of education, poor educational structure that insufficient time and effort invested in the development of occupations for the blind in accordance with the requirements of the labor market and insufficiently developed skills to master modern technologies without which today’s world is unthinkable.

Unfortunately, still dominated professions such as telephone operator, an administrative secretary, massage therapists, while the small representation of other professions and it primarily depends on the commitment of the individual. In recent years, more and more blind and visually impaired high high is formed in spite of their disability. It greatly contribute to new technologies that are being developed, such as the various screen readers.

In the future, the emphasis should be just to improve ICT skills of blind people. Another reason for the low presence of blind people in the labor market and the prejudices with which blind people face. Closed mind, lack of opportunities for blind people and lack the will or the desire to see and allow a blind person to realize his or her potential is another reason for such a small percentage. Although the process of learning and getting acquainted with new contents different from the majority, there is no reason why he would not be successful. Like any other person, education blind person gives a sense of value.

Rehabilitation programs and the process of rehabilitation are extremely important for the successful employment of blind people. Blind people who do not participate or insufficiently participate in rehabilitation programs often remain permanently unemployed category. Unfortunately, in Croatia rehabilitation programs are insufficient and small number of blind people are over. Another disadvantage is that such rehabilitation programs centralized in Zagreb. It should change the perception of blind persons as beneficiaries of social assistance and that group companies allow you to realize their potential and contribute to the society in which he lives.