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Social service cooperatives “Martinov Plašt”

The cooperative was founded in 2011 as the first social-service cooperatives established in Zagreb. It was created in response to the environmental problems that persistently hit the most vulnerable individuals of society. Its members gathered with the aim of helping marginalized individuals in society in various ways and with the aim of sensitizing the public to the problems of the most vulnerable social groups. Despite the existence of numerous laws and institutions, it is still obvious, “ongoing” marginalization of certain groups of society. The cooperative is focused on such groups and strives to improve their quality of life. It operates in several ways, through teamwork for the purpose of acquiring new qualifications or additional training, assistance in finding employment, promotion of self-employment, a reference to the treatment of addiction, involvement in existing programs, counseling, and so on. The cooperative was founded with the aim of spreading the effects of the the entire Croatian territory and beyond, through subsidiaries and various associations.

Zagreb Association of Blind member of the Cooperative as of June 2015

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